Soldering and Rework

The FM-2032 micro soldering iron extends precision micro soldering capabilities to a variety of HAKKO soldering and rework systems. The slender, lightweight hand-piece has a tip-to-grip distance optimized for operator dexterity under microscopes and magnifiers while preserving the control one expects when working with 0201 components and smaller.

The new T30 Series Composite Micro Tips have geometries engineered for optimal heat transfer and the ability to reach into some of the tightest spots on a board.




Precision Hand Tools Including Tweezers, Cutters, Pliers, Scissors and Specialty/Custom Application Solutions.

Cutters, Pliers, Strippers, Shears, Lead Forming, Depaneling, Extractors, Electric Screwdrivers and Tweezers.



Static Control

Static Management Program, EOS/ESD Assessment, Foot and Heel Grounders, Wrist Straps, Smocks, Static Shield Bags, Floor Mats, Ionizers, Monitors, Test Instruments, Vacuums and Cleaning Products.

ESD Packaging Solutions Including Static Dissipative Corrugated and Conductive Plastek Products for the Transport/Storage of Components.



Optical Inspection

Our industry standard Macro video/digital inspection systems now feature the powerful Versa-Cam. The Versa-Cam can be used as a “live image” HD (1080p) camera connected to a monitor using an HDMI cable or as a USB 2.0 camera with USB cable connected to any computer or Windows Tablet. Now the choice between live HD monitor inspection and high resolution USB camera capture and annotation is made at the camera…not between cameras.



PCB Protection

Henkel is the world’s leading and most progressive provider of qualified, materials for semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and advanced soldering solutions.  The breadth of Henkel’s product portfolio delivers cost-effective solutions for any manufacturing challenge.

Low Pressure Molding to Encapsulate, Seal and Protect Electronics, Low Pressure Over-Molding Equipment Solutions from Hand Held to Automated Systems.




Custom Workbenches, Carts, Racks, Ergonomic Seating, Storage Cabinets, Lockers, Bins and Totes.



Bench Top Accessories

Desoldering Braid, Pump Bottles, Flux Dispensers, Stencil Rolls, Vacuums, Retractable Badge Reels, Document Holders, Tool Storage, Brushes, Swabs, Cups, and Lotion. Products are also available with ESD protection.
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