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History of Cornerstone

In 1984 Bill Blakley teamed up  with Shattuck and Hagen Marketing, founded by both manufacturer Rep. Bruce Shattuck and Wayne Hagen, an electronics supplier in supporting the electronics manufacturing industry with tools and equipment . Bill focused specifically on the West Bay up to Santa Rosa CA as a Manufacturer’s Representative  before Bruce moved onto other business ventures. 

Eagle Marketing


In May of 1985 Bill Blakley and Wayne Hagen, started their own partnership by establishing Eagle Marketing covering marketing, sales and support within Northern CA and Northern NV.  They worked hand in hand with Fry’s Electronics thus representing both retail and industrial distribution.  Jim Dybas, who formally worked at Com-Kyl, joined the group in 1994.  In adition Dennis Kleinman, who formally worked at Tech Spray, came on board at Eagle Marketing following Wayne Hagen's retirement in 2000. 

 Cornerstone Technical Marketing


"Bill Blakley founded Cornerstone Technical Marketing after 20 years in the industry in August of 2004 as a Sole Proprietor with Nancy Blakley handing the administration and accounting.  Kim Olsen, who helped CTM expand into the Medical Industry, and Ricky Nakatsu were independent contractors for Cornerstone.


Léo Huerta who previously worked for Met Cal, a soldering equipment manufacturer, Restronics, a Rep firm, and Test Equity, a distributor, brought his years of expertise and experience to Cornerstone Technical Marketing starting in February of 2014 nearly a decade ago. 


In 2021 Léo took over ownership control of the Cornerstone.  Leonardo Huerta Jr. came on board in August 2019 to support the bay area territory.  Cornerstone continued to expand territories and bring on experienced new team members to support the growth of Southern California and Costa Rica. The group includes Stephanie McGuire, Kevin Silva, Bjorne Debobr, Jafet Calderòn and Adriana Huerta."

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